Driver Education Enrollment

Student Agreement

Student is required to pay a fifty dollars ($50.00) non-refundable deposit at the time of enrollment.

Student agrees to pay one half of total cost of tuition before Certificate of Drivers Education (CDE) will be given to get Drivers Education Permit from the BMV.

Student agrees to pay tuition cost in full before first scheduled behind the wheel instruction with a licensed instructor will be scheduled with Jeffers Driving Academy, LLC.

Student agrees to pay in full, cost of classroom and driving instruction within 60 days.

Student agrees to be under the supervision of Jeffers Driving Academy, LLC, during classroom and driving instruction.

Student agrees to obey all rules, guidelines, and laws required by the school and the State of Indiana, and understands that failure to abide by the rules, guidelines and laws may result in the termination of training

Student acknowledges and agrees that he/she must pass a written examination at the BMV before receiving a Learner’s Permit.

Student agrees to pay a fee of thirty dollars ($30.00) for any scheduled Behind-the-Wheel instruction missed without 24 hour (business day) prior verbal approval of the instructor.

The student agrees and understands that there is no guarantee, expressed or implied, that the student will pass the state license examination upon completion of any course offered by Jeffers Driving Academy, LLC.

Student understands that Classroom Instruction and Behind-The-Wheel training must be completed within 120 days of enrollment date. Failure to complete course within time frame shall result in an incomplete grade and may result in the forfeiture of Permit and all monies paid to the school, unless an extension is granted.

The student agrees to compensate the school for any personal property damaged by the student, and understands that all materials furnished by the school is the property of Jeffers Driving Academy, LLC.

Provide for prompt pick-up at end of driving sessions.

Be on time for driving instruction, and never come to any instruction after the consumption of alcohol or illegal substance.

Student agrees to complete 4 to 6 hours of driving practice with parent or guardian between each Jeffers Driving Academy, LLC driving lesson.

There is a $35.00 fee for a returned check

Parent/guardian Agreement and Signatures

I hereby request and grant permission for my child to enroll in the Driver’s Education Course offered by/through Jeffers Driving Academy. I understand that the course consists of six hours of behind-the-wheel instuction, and thirty hours of classroom instruction. I further understand and agree that he/she will be under the supervision of Jeffers Driving Academy, LLC, and pledge my full support. I have a copy of this agreement for my records.